Introducing Curby’s Castings

Worm castings are used as a natural fertilizer and soil amendment for plants and also in soil mixes for commercial and home-based gardens, cannabis growers, landscapers, and other agriculture / horticulture systems.

They are better for your garden or commercial application because they contain more nitrogen than compost – which means they help plants grow faster and bigger with increased yields.

You only need a small amount around your plants, vegetables, shrubs or grasses to see beautiful yields and growth. A half handful around the root zone of a plant will produce up to 3-5 times the fruit and plant growth. The nutrients and microbial activity of the worm castings produce a living soil for your plants to thrive in. With the increased hormone and enzyme growth produced by adding castings to your soil the roots become more fibrous and healthier. A little goes a long way and last a long time, which makes it very cost effective.

Whenever you start seeds, direct sow or transplant, make sure to use worm castings. This allows you to use your worm castings to their full potential.

Seed Starting Indoors

Mix 20% of the worm castings into your seed starting mix then start your seeds.

Direct Sowing

Once you have placed your seeds into your garden, cover them with about one-half inch of worm castings instead of soil. The incredible water retaining capacity of the castings will help your seeds to germinate.


When transplanting your seedlings or other plants, sprinkle a handful or worm castings at the bottom of the transplant hole. Backfill the hole with surrounding soil so the plant is snug and add another handful as a top dressing around the stem.

Prior to Mulching

Add a thin layer of worm castings to your beds prior to mulching for an added boost to your gardens.

Castings are available in an 8 lb bag for $10.90 or in a 3/4 cubic foot bag for $18.50. Please go to our Soil Company tab for a complete list of products and order form.

Happy planting!

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