Introducing Curby’s Castings

Worm castings are used as a natural fertilizer and soil amendment for plants and also in soil mixes for commercial and home-based gardens, cannabis growers, landscapers, and other agriculture / horticulture systems.

They are better for your garden or commercial application because they contain more nitrogen than compost – which means they help plants grow faster and bigger with increased yields.

You only need a small amount around your plants, vegetables, shrubs or grasses to see beautiful yields and growth. A half handful around the root zone of a plant will produce up to 3-5 times the fruit and plant growth. The nutrients and microbial activity of the worm castings produce a living soil for your plants to thrive in. With the increased hormone and enzyme growth produced by adding castings to your soil the roots become more fibrous and healthier. A little goes a long way and last a long time, which makes it very cost effective.

Whenever you start seeds, direct sow or transplant, make sure to use worm castings. This allows you to use your worm castings to their full potential.

Seed Starting Indoors

Mix 20% of the worm castings into your seed starting mix then start your seeds.

Direct Sowing

Once you have placed your seeds into your garden, cover them with about one-half inch of worm castings instead of soil. The incredible water retaining capacity of the castings will help your seeds to germinate.


When transplanting your seedlings or other plants, sprinkle a handful or worm castings at the bottom of the transplant hole. Backfill the hole with surrounding soil so the plant is snug and add another handful as a top dressing around the stem.

Prior to Mulching

Add a thin layer of worm castings to your beds prior to mulching for an added boost to your gardens.

Castings are available in an 8 lb bag for $10.90 or in a 3/4 cubic foot bag for $18.50. Please go to our Soil Company tab for a complete list of products and order form.

Happy planting!

You do you

Curby’s believes in giving you the flexibility to build a composting plan that works best for you. You can customize your plan to meet your needs based on your current requirements with as little as a 24-hour notice.

Weekly Compost Service:

  • Our weekly service include a clean bucket delivered to your home every week, 52 times per year.
    • 2-Gallon Service: Holds up to 10 lbs of waste and is perfect for singles, couples or those who do not compost a lot ($8.95 per month)
    • 5-Gallon Service: Holds up to 30 lbs of waste and is great for families or those who really like to compost ($15.25 per month)
    • Add a second 5-gallon bucket to your weekly 5-gallon service ($2.50 per month)
    • All crew members are entitled to 3 free buckets per year. These buckets are in addition to your weekly service. Just contact us 24 hours prior to your collection day and we will deliver the extra bucket to your home.

Yard Waste Service:

  • Curby’s now offers a 32-gallon container for yard waste. This is an on-demand service. Simply contact us to request a container and, when it is full, to schedule the collection. Yard waste is now quick and easy. ($7.95 per use)

Service Holds and Adjustments:

  • You can place your service on hold at any time (vacations, etc). You will not be charged for that period. Credits will be issued to your account and will appear on your statement.
  • You can also increase or decrease your bucket size at any time. You can change your bucket size for as little as a week or for as long as your what.
  • Please contact us 24 hours prior to your collection day to ensure a successful transition.

Flexible Payment Plans:

  • Curby’s offers several payment plans. We invite you to select the plan that best meets your needs.
    • Our “Post-Service” plan allows for payment after our services have been rendered.
    • Our “Pay Ahead & Save” plans allow for payments to be made in advance with a 10% savings. This plan is available in 3-month and 6-month options.
    • All payments can be made by check, debit or credit card. Digital invoicing is available.

We’ve Got Your Back

These powerful words best describe Curby’s unwavering commitment to our community. Our daily routes have given us a striking view of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our families, friends and neighbors. Our trucks roll past shuttered restaurants and bars, empty commercial districts, vacant playgrounds and closed schools yet our footsteps carry us to homes with wonderful signs and beautiful artwork that display messages of hope, strength and gratitude.

It is our turn to give back to the community in which we live, work and play. No matter the state of our community, we pledge – in all possible ways, big and small – to continue to support those in need.

We understand that people can be adversely impacted by economic conditions beyond their control so we now offer flexible and creative payment options including deferments, sliding scale payments and free services to our customers in need.

Thank you for your continued partnership, patience and trust as we continue to navigate these uncharted circumstances together.

Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy.


COVID-19 Update

Our operations are continuing as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak. The only new restriction on our services is that we can no longer accept paper towels, napkins or tissues in our compost buckets. Current CDC guidelines state that these items should be placed in the trash. We apologize for this unexpected change. We will continue to monitor the situation for any additional updates.

All of our team members have been equipped with face masks, face protection, rubber gloves and disinfectant spray. Our delivery drivers spray their gloves with disinfectant before and after each home delivery to ensure a safe transfer process.

Introducing The Mini Bucket

The Mini bucket is perfect for singles and couples who do not generate a ton of compostable waste. The 2 gallon bucket measures 9.75″ (top) x 8.25″ (bottom) x 9.25″ (height) and can hold roughly 5 to 10 lbs of waste. The price for the Mini is $8.95 per month and includes the delivery of a clean bucket every week.


More Bang for Your Buck!

Curby’s is happy to announce our newest enterprise, The Dirty Dirt Soil Company. Our Dirty Dirt division is responsible for using the byproducts from our composting operations to create artisan blend organic soils. These soils will provide increase production yields while decreasing the amount of water needed to form healthy plants.

Dirty Dirt’s soils will be available exclusively to Curby’s Compost Service customers. Our customers will receive a credit for every six months that they participate in our composting services. This credit will be good towards one 25-pound container of blended soil. The returnable containers will be delivered to the customers’ homes during our normal compost pick-ups.


Pay Ahead and Save 10%

Curbside composting just got better. Curby’s is offering a 10% discount if you pre-pay for your services.

Get 3 months of service for $40.36


Get 6 months of service for $80.73

Where you, bin?

Food is the most common form of waste followed by paper products and plastics. Just like paper products and plastic, food waste can be “re-purposed” and used to enhance soil quality while reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers. Soils with increased organic matter content can double their yield and can remain productive even in periods of low rainfall.

Please join us by putting your food waste to work. Everyone benefits when you do!

World bank

Hey…. Home Composters!

Winter is no longer a reason to stop composting. Cold weather is not a problem at Curby’s. We can maintain our composting beds throughout the winter months. There are no contracts, so you can sign up for as long as you want. One month, two months, three months, six months ~ no worries! We’ve got you covered.

New Container Sizes, More Options

We have received some great feedback from our customers. Thank you!

Please check out our new container sizes and pricing options. We hope that we have the right fit for your household.

  • One 5-gallon plastic container for $14.95 per month
  • Two¬†5-gallon plastic containers for $19.95 per month
  • One 10-gallon galvanized steel container for $21.95 per month
  • One 20 gallon galvanized steel container for $28.95 per month

All options include the weekly delivery of a clean container and compostable bag.

New Sizes