Curby’s is more than an organic waste hauler. We are also a vermi-composter. This means that we use worms to convert food scraps into a valuable organic fertilizer.

The food scraps that we pick up from our customers are processed into a food stock that our worms can easily digest. The food stock is then added to the top layer of the bins where the worms are the most active. The environment within the bins allows the worms to eat, breed and shed castings. The vermicompost is harvested from the bottom of the bins.

Our bins are designed to create the best possible conditions for the worms. Happy worms are productive worms. The conditions within the bins are monitored to maintain the ideal temperatures, moisture levels, feeding rates, worm population densities, and worm reproductive rates.


The advantages of our style of vermicomposting include:

  •  Faster:  We can convert organic waste into nutrient rich soils within 70 days.
  •  Energy Efficient:  Our processing cells use less energy than the average automatic drip coffee maker.
  •  Quick Waste Reduction:  We can reduce the waste weight by 85% within 72 hours of receiving the organic materials. (100 lbs. of organic waste will become 15 lbs. of food stock within 72 hours)
  •  Small Footprint:  Our entire process can operate in small space indoor facilities. This makes us a neighborhood friendly alternative.
  •  Low-odor:  We do not any produce large scale odors.
  •  Clean Work Environment: Our facility layout and processing cells were designed to make clean up easy and efficient.

Our team of engineers and data analysts take great pride in developing the most efficient composting system possible. We see every day as an opportunity to improve.


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