Dirty Dirt Soil Company

Soil Benefit

Curby’s is a waste hauler and a processor, so our customers earn monthly credits for free nutrient rich soils through our partners at the Dirty Dirt Soil Company. The soil is delivered to our customer’s homes as part of our normal services.

  • Our 2-gallon service customers earn $0.60 per month towards the purchase of soil from our soil company. 
  • Our 5-gallon service customers earn $1.50 per month towards the purchase of soil from our soil company. 

The accumulated value of your credits will be indicated on your account statement. 

The Dirty Dirt Soil Company produces nutrient rich soils in small batches that are made specifically for Curby’s customers. They do not mass produce any of their soils so they can only be obtained through our services.

All soils are packaged in reusable bags that can be kept for your own purposes or returned to Curby’s.

Compost and Soils for Sale

Curby’s customers can also purchase additional soils by emailing us at CurbysCompost@gmail.com.   

Currently, the soil company is producing the following products for Curby’s customers. All of these soils are made using the organic materials collected by Curby’s.

  • All Purpose Soil ($4.60 per 3/4 cubic foot)
    •  This is your basic black dirt. Perfect for lawn repair, grading or mixing with other materials to create your own signature soil. 
  • DDSC Compost Blend ($6.70 per 3/4 cubic foot)
    • This is a leaf and manure compost mixture. This mixture will help to enrich soils, help retain moisture and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. 
  • DDSC Blend ($7.40 per 3/4 cubic foot)
    • This soil mixture is enhanced with yard compost, peat humus, composted manure, sphagnum peat and perlite. This makes an excellent building block for gardens, trees and shrubs. 
  • Soil, Compost Manure and Worm Castings ($14.70 per 3/4 cubic foot)
    • This soil mixture should be used in pots or contained areas. This will give the plants a boost when they are young. The castings act as a super-charged fertilizer.
  • Worm Castings ($10.90 per 8 lb bag)
    • Castings are an organic form of fertilizer produced from our worms. Many gardeners consider castings to be black gold. Our castings are screened to 1/8″ for the highest quality.
    • You only need a small amount around your plants, vegetables, shrubs or grasses to see beautiful yields and growth. 
    • A half handful around the root zone of a plant will produce 3-5 times the fruit and plant growth. 
  • Worm Castings ($18.50 per 3/4 cubic foot)
    • The nutrients and microbial activity of the castings produce a living soil for your plants to thrive in. 
    • With the increased hormone and enzyme growth produced by adding castings to your soil the roots become more fibrous and healthier. 
    • Castings beat compost every time!

You can either email us with the type and quantity of soils that you are interested in purchasing or tape a copy of this order form to the top of your compost bucket. All sales will be added to your Curby’s account and can be paid when your subscription is due.

We can also help with the calculations to make sure that you purchase just what you need.


Item #


Price (3/4 cubic foot)

Number of Bags



All Purpose Soil 




DDSC Compost Blend 




DDSC Blend




Soil, Compost Manure and Worm Castings




Worm Castings (8 lbs)


WC-75 Worm Castings (3/4 cubic foot) $18.50    

Customer Name







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